A New Kind of Traveling


I have a bit of experience traveling the world. Five months around Europe last year taught me a great many lessons about myself and the world and different cultures. But one of the biggest things I learned was about home. I realized was how incredibly blessed I am to have the family that I do. […]

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Salutations from Peru

Pacific Ocean at Miraflores

Salutations to you all from the beautiful country of Peru!
So it’s been a good while since I finished my own gap year adventure, and an even longer time since my last post.. So sorry to everyone who was waiting on crazy stories from Europe. Maybe I’ll post some flashback posts sometime. Anyway, flash forward and […]

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Galway and Friends


Wow, it’s really easy to get behind here. I’m not going to be able to post a day-by-day synopses of my travels. Not that most of you want that anyway. I’ve made this more a journal than any kind of actual travel writing. We’ll see where it goes by the end of it. So I left […]

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It’s All About the People


I have been insanely blessed so far on my trip. I am a shy, quiet, introvert. I really enjoy hanging out and messing around, but the initial hello has always been very difficult for me. So I’ve been blessed because I’ve met so many extroverts. People who bridge that gap for me. I have learned […]

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Killarney and the Ring of Kerry


Killarney is a small town with a beautiful national park and huge mountains. It is also the beginning of the always popular Ring of Kerry. Unfortunately I didn’t have the time to tour it on a bike or hitch-hike it. But that is definitely the way I would recommend anyone else to do it. I took a tour […]

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