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Welcome to All or Nothing Traveler! I'm very glad you're here. I am a writer and photographer hoping to hone both as I trek around the world and experience life. So poke around, or click here to learn a little more about me. Thanks again!




What’s Up

One month anniversary today! Arrived in Berlin late last night with no place to stay. It was a monday night so I figured it’d be fine. It was fine for tuesday and wednesday, but there was no room at the inn tonight. Instead I spent it in a little chair watching movies and writing. All night long. It was lovely. If I look exhausted, it’s because I am.


What’s Next

I’m going to explore Berlin until I can check into my room at 15:00 and pass out for three days. After that I’ve decided to tour Poland and maybe a few other countries in Eastern Europe before I go see Ruby Jane’s concert in Finland. Woop Woop!


Current Book

Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy is absolutely hilarious. I’ve loved the first two books in the series, but haven’t started anything else. I haven’t taken near as much time to read as I thought I would. It’s hard to balance sleep, writing, reading, exploring, and down time.